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Date and Place of Birth:  July 7, 1964, Belgrade, Serbia

Professional Background:

Her novel “Nina of Arabia” was published in Serbia in 2013(by Vulkan), and the third amended edition was printed in December 2016 (by Mali Nemo).

• Consultant for communications in Futura Plus Company – Belgrade

• PR Consultant in Communis advertising agency – Belgrade

• General Manager in A Media advertising agency – Belgrade

• PR Director in Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency – Belgrade

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BUDISLAV BULATOVICDate and Place of Birth:  June 9, 1956, Cetinje, Montenegro

Professional Background:

• DSEL – Toronto, Canada

• Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia

• Bechtel – Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• DSEL – Toronto, Canada

• Schaeffer and Associates – Toronto, Canada


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