Boban Ilic – sculptor from Chicago

Exhibition in Belgrade – June 2010 - Press Release

"Angels and Demons" in Belgrade

Boban Ilic, a prominent sculptor from Chicago (, will have his first solo exhibition in Belgrade from 8th to 21st June 2010 at the Progress Gallery. 

Visitors to this exhibition will be able to see his 20 sculptures of medium size, as well as 25 paintings by this well known Chicago artist. Boban's sculptures are inspired largely by mythological motifs, such as Icarus, St. George who kills the Dragon, angels and demons - after which this exhibition was named. Boban's work has achieved significant results in the North American art market as well as around the world. At the New York Expo 2006 his two sculptures were sold to museums in America and Japan for $147,000. What especially identifies this artist is his choice of materials, for example, his use of spoons made of the highest quality steel.

"The exhibition Angels and Demons in Belgrade is the biggest event in my life, despite more than 100 exhibitions I have had around the world. This is because Belgrade is a place where I began to dream all my sculptor's dreams. This exhibition is a continuation of what is accepted in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago,” said Boban Ilic. "I am very pleased that after 20 years I am going back to the place from where I started my artistic voyage.”

The exhibition was organized under the auspices of the City of Belgrade, organized by the Culture Bridge of Toronto and "Bridge" Fund of Belgrade.

Nenad Stankovic, organizer of the exhibition and editor in chief of the magazine Culture Bridge, says:
"Boban Ilic's exhibition is one of three cultural events in Serbia that we organize from the Diaspora. The first is an exhibition of the Canadian legend of photo-journalism, Boris Spremo, at Politika Gallery on June 3rd, and the second one is the launch of New Serbian Stories in English, published in the Culture Bridge magazine, at Belgrade Cultural Center on the 17th June.

Ilic's exhibition is an attempt to institutionalize a cultural exchange between North America and Serbia. Until now, artists from Serbia went to exhibit in Toronto, Vancouver or Chicago, and they presented the model of what could be called the ‘culture stall.’ What we are trying to do now is to establish a cultural exchange and provide another dimension to point out that cultural exchange is a ’two way’ street.  It is hard and difficult, but we must persevere. The best way for cultural exchange is for our expatriates who are successful in the world to present themselves to the domestic culture and general public. I am thankful to our sponsor, the City of Belgrade, and the people who have supported this project."

Boban Ilic was born in Nis, where he attended the School of Design. He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade - Department of Sculpture. He has exhibited in Europe, America, Japan, and the Philippines. He has lived and worked in Chicago since 1991. Today, Boban Ilic ranks among the most famous American sculptors.

Author: Marina Bulatovic